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At New Jersey telephone systems our #1 goal is to save you money

We offer a free phone bill analysis program designed to reduce your monthly recurring charges or what the phone company refers to as MRC.  After we receive your bill, we will compare your calling patterns and the costs of the long distance plan with those of hundreds of providers. We provide you with several choices on how you can save on your phone bill based on your calling patterns.  We will determine if you can reduce the total number of incoming lines needed for fax, modems and general telephone use.  This alone can save you hundreds of dollars each month! Often the monthly savings can more than pay for the new telephone system.

And of course, we will not share the information you provide with any communication companies or third parties without your consent. We hate those annoying telemarketing calls as much as you do.  When you receive your free phone bill analysis, you are not obligated in any way to use any of the recommended products or services.  It's your choice.

An alternative to the phone company

Our VoIP Phone Systems allow VoIP (SIP or Session Initiation Protocol) telephone lines to be integrated providing significant cost savings and enhanced capabilities. Unlike residential VoIP phone services you may have used in the past, our VoIP lines are designed for business use.  When connected to your phone system these lines provide Caller ID, DID routing and other advanced features. We usually recommend keeping a regular phone line or two as backup.  This ensures you will  have access should your internet service be interrupted.

 Optimum Voice

  • SIP Trunking
  • High Speed Internet/Broadband 
  • International long distance
  • DID Services 

SIP Trunks by Vitelity


  • Local number coverage in 97% of the USA
  • Keep your existing number or choose new
  • International long distance
  • Free in-network calling 

For example, say you currently have 6 lines from you traditional phone company provider.  We will assume and average cost of $25 per month which includes features like caller ID.  That equals $150 a month without long distance charges.  Then let's say your average long distance per month is $70.  That brings us to a total of $220 per month.  Now let's say you use one of our VoIP phone service providers to get service to replace 4 of the 6 lines.  Each line is for $30 a month which includes unlimited calling within the US and Canada. That equals $120 a month plus the $50 for the regular lines which comes to $170.  That is a savings of $50 a month plus you have the ability to call as much as you want.  You can also get some advanced features with our VoIP lines that are not otherwise available.  The most useful is the Direct Inward Dial (DID) capability that lets you give each employee their own private phone number.  This number can be set to ring directly to their desk and be forwarded to their cell phone. 

We are an authorized Optimum Agent. This allows up to handle everything for you. We can submit the paperwork, schedule to installation and make sure your business is not interrupted. You can keep your existing phone numbers as well.

No Cost Message Retrieval (does not require a phone)

The Voice Mail Systems we offer allow you to access your voice mail whenever, wherever, and however you choose. Now you can access your voice mail using any wav compatible email client or smart phone. 

New Jersey Telephone Systems Voice Mail to Email

That's right! Our system can send a voice mail notification on up to 3 email addresses and attach the actual spoken message to that email as an audio (.wav) file. You can play back your voice mail messages through your PC or smart phone instantly.  When you receive a voice mail you will be notified within seconds via email. You can transfer the voice message by simply forwarding the email. 

Every member of your staff can have a unique delivery address and we can include supervisory addresses to ensure messages are being handled in a timely manner.   If you need group mailboxes for sales or support departments, this is the best way to inform them all of pending messages.

Maintenance Contracts Extend Your Phone System Warranty

All of our new phone systems come with a built-in warranty.  We recommend that you take advantage of our extended warranty plans afterwards.  We can customize a plan to meet your needs and budget.

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