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Below are some of our favorite links
www.phonesystemnj.com is a great search tool.
www.co.morris.nj.us provides local NJ information.
www.NewJersey.gov takes you to State of New Jersey official site.

www.panasonic.com takes you to all the wonderful products made by Panasonic.
www.Avaya.com is very useful for documents, user guides and such.
www.zillow.com allows you to find out the value of a property and more.
www.yahoo.com is also a great search site with other really cool tools.
www.wired.com is the best site to look up IT info.
www.wikipedia.org is the best site to learn about anything.
www.dictionary.com is great for poor spellers like us.
www.chevy.com is the best car company in the world.
www.mets.com takes you to the home site of our favorite baseball team.
www.necdsx.com takes you to the NEC Phone System.
www.nj.org is all stuff New Jersey.
www.facebook.com to see our facebook page. 
www.rockvillecustomcabinets.com for fine cabinets and wood furniture.