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Panasonic Digital Phones

The Panasonic KX-DT500 Series Digital Phones for the Panasonic business telephone Systems are designed for users who require a feature-rich telephone to match their constantly changing needs.

The KX-DT500 range of system telephones are easy to use and are very dependable.

Ergonomically designed with features and functions to enhance users daily productivity, they are ideal for call center agents, busy sales people, and medical offices.  They support advanced desktop applications and can accommodate a range of wired and Blue tooth headsets.

The range of KX-DT500 phones include:-

KX-TD546 - Digital Speakerphone with 6 Line Backlit LCD Display and 24 Flexible CO Buttons

KX-DT543 - Digital Speakerphone with 3 Line Backlit LCD Display and 24 Flexible CO Buttons

KX-DT521 - Digital Speakerphone with 1 Line LCD Display and 8 CO Buttons


Panasonic KX-DT546 Digital Phone