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We install phone wiring and computer cabling throughout NJ!

NewJerseyTelephones.com has been a NJ wiring and cabling contractor since 1995. We have installed thousands of voice and data cables throughout New Jersey.  We install phone wiring inside the wall so you don't see it. 

Whether you need a single phone wire run or phone and computer cabling throughout an entire office, we can meet your schedule and budget.  We place customer satisfaction and attention to detail at the top of our list of priorities. Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our business relationships. 

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We have a wide variety of phone and data outlets available to meet your specific application. Every cable we install is clearly marked on both ends, eliminating guess work.

Attention to detail ensures trouble-free operation of your phone wiring and network connections. We only use high quality connectors from name brand manufacturers such as, ICC, Leviton and Siemens.

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All our network closets are built so that moves, adds, or changes can be performed easily without disrupting current operations. We carefully bundle our cables to avoid tangles and other problems commonly found in poorly designed wiring racks.

You need to start with a good design or your phone wiring can become unmanageable as shown in this image.

Although this is an extreme wiring nightmare, we have seen even the smallest of wiring closets get out-of-hand very quickly.

We prevent this from happening by choosing the right configuration from the start.

Can you imagine trying to find a wiring problem in this network!

Phone Wiring Mess
Photo courtesy of royal.pingdom.com

You should always cross power cables at a 90º angle. It is not always possible to keep both data network cabling and power cables completely separate, and it is virtually impossible to keep them from crossing at some point. If they must cross, they should be kept at a ninety degree angle to avoid as much interference as possible.  You should not bend any wiring past the allowable bend radius.

We will keep your data cables separated and plan for future growth.  It is very important to make sure there is enough room to run and terminate more network cabling in the future.  Most wiring schemes fail when they reach their maximum capacity.

We are a single source provider for all your computer network and phone wiring needs. End the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors to support your communication infrastructure. Make one call for all your computer network and communications system design, implementation, and support needs.

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