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For over 20 years we have sold, serviced and repaired residential and business phone systems. Having one of our systems in your home or office will provide incredible benefits including reduced monthly telephone expense, one-touch room to room calling, and in-building (multi-cell) wireless communication.

  Wireless Telephone Handoff

Wireless Cell coverage for the entire building!

  We label all telephones!

phone labels

One Phone System - Many Locations

You can work from home and enjoy the same capabilities you have at your office. Because the phone system connection is done via the internet, site-to-site calls are free.


Sip Trunk Map


We can connect your phone systems together allowing you to call a specific telephone extension at any of your locations by simply pressing a button.



A Phone For Every Need

Need to work from home, warehouse or a hotel room in another city?

Our phone systems give you a choice of traditional, VoIP and wireless telephones to best suit your needs.

We can connect your single line devices such as fax machines and credit card terminals to the system, eliminating the need for dedicated lines.

Use your cell phone as an extension of the system.


NJ Phone Video

Employees can simply take their phone home and use it exactly as if it was in the office.  They can place and retreive calls on hold, make and receive page announcements without any VPN required.


Cellular Coverage Anywhere, Anytime


Don't have cellular service in parts of your home or office?

We offer many solutions to this common problem. Our telephone installers can connect your cell phone directly to your phone system allowing you to use your cellular minutes from any phone.

Communicate with others (for free) by utilizing the mobile to mobile feature offered by most cellular companies. This is a fantastic feature for dispatch and service centers.

Voice and Data Cable Termination

Our phone system technicians can retrofit your new or existing facility with high quality phone and data cabling. All cables are clearly identified on both ends and hidden behind the walls.  We install Cat3, Cat5e and CAT6 voice and data cabling and provide up to a 30 year warranty on some installations.

 New jersey Phone Systems Patchpanel 1 New jersey Phone Systems Patchpanel 2   

New jersey telephone Systems Patch Cords

External Page - Music On Hold

We have overhead paging and music systems installed in restaurants, doctors offices, home centers and warehouses.  These systems allow you to keep in touch with your employees and customers anywhere in your facility.  Talk-back Paging can be employed so the paged party can respond hands-free.

Incoming calls can be set to ring over the page speakers alerting your employees of incoming calls.  When combined with our Multi-Cell Wireless handsets, your staff is never out of reach.

We offer a complete line of music-on-hold solutions allowing you to provide professionally recorded announcements or your favorite music to callers placed on hold.  Digital announcers provide information regarding new products, specials and frequently asked questions.

 Phone Service New Jersey Page Speaker

Phone Service New Jersey Music On Hold

Lightning Protection

 Phone Service New Jersey Lightning Protection          


Don't overlook the value and importance of a quality lightning protection system. We are experts in this field!

Are you are blowing extension ports because you have remote extensions on your site? If so, you don't have to live with it any longer.  We have resolved these issues many times.

Having the proper lightning protection will not only save your equipment, it may also save your life!

Door Phone / Gate Communication and Security

You can increase security and peace of mind with one of our door access systems. We can install these units at driveway gates or other points of entry allowing you to communicate and provide access to visitors.

Door phone video can be output to external monitors or television sets for added security.


Video Door Phone Panasonic 

We Install Phone Systems Right the First Time, Every Time

We have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout New Jersey.  Our goal is to provide the best phone systems and service available. Phone Service New Jersey!

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